When you build something, everything should matter.

At Zeavo we work tirelessly to ensure that every product we launch is not only to the highest standard but achieves great things for our customers.

People always have problems that require solving. They know what troubles them but the solution is not always that clear.

We thrive on this. Deep down we're problem solvers.

Design and coding is greatly important to us. But without a focus, without a problem to solve, it's nothing more code and pixels.

We flow, we sketch, we build, we craft, we start over. We take our time and it demands immense focus.

We keep going until our work is perfect and our problem is solved.

The inside of our products are just as beautiful as the outside.

Every pixel on a design and line of code has to be perfected.

We remove more than we put in. We optimise, we trim, we speed up.

Everything we do links back to our original goal. To solve a problem and to build the best product.

You can read this as our mission statement, our philosophy, our way of thinking.

But we choose to work like this because to us, it matters.

Our Team